Monday, May 7, 2012

Market stall check list.

Every market I go through this list I have in my head, of what to take.  I thought it might be a good idea to put it into a blog post so I can print it off and check everything off when I do a market.  I've elaborated on a few items below if  anyone is interested or thinking of doing it themselves.  In the interest of caring and sharing feel free to add anything I've missed to the comments.  
There's lots of good tips on the net for running a craft market stall.  

So here's my list and a few things I've learnt along the way.

Table cloth
Props (wooden tree, book ends, baskets)
Clothes rack
Quilt rack/clothes horse
Plastic tubs
$200 float (5s,2s and 1s)
Money tin
Water bottle and nibbles
Craft activity
Sun glasses, hat, jumper etc

Office in a box.......
Price tags
Business cards and holder
Paper and cellophane bags
Tissue paper
Sticky tape
Pins and safety pins.
Bull dog clips
Business stamp

Stock - I like to have a lots of lower priced items. Hair clips, key tags, post cards, covered journals etc.   I then have my clothes which are mostly in the $20+ range and then a few larger priced items, quilts etc.  That seems to cater for most people at any market.  Even if I don't sell a larger priced item my sales of the smaller items make the day worthwhile.  It gives a good spread of items to make up your display too.

Price tags - Everything must have a clearly visible price.  People tend not to like to ask prices and it also reduces the need for people to handle your precious stock looking for a hidden price tag.

Float - $200 may seem excessive (maybe not for Retromummy in Sydney) but my little country markets I find thats sufficient.  Guaranteed your first few customers will have $50 notes.

Bags - Its always nice to wrap or bag peoples purchases.  Some people aren't fussed but some think its pretty special.  Its nice having happy customers.  I've got some celephane bags as well as simple white paper lunch bags stamped with Narioka and some snazzier paper ones with handles for bigger purchases.  The more they spend the nicer bag they get!

Friend or co-marketer - I often share a stall or set up next to a friend.  It handy to have someone to watch things if you need to duck to the loo or want to have a look around.  Failing that if hubby can pop in and give you a five minute break it often very welcome.

Office in a box - Make sure you take spare business cards, pens etc.  all the odds and ends listed above.  There's nothing worse than scrambling though your handbag looking for a pen and paper to write a phone number or order on.  Be prepared.  I have everything in a plastic tub directly under my bench for easy access.  Oh and probably best to leave the handbag at home.  Just take bare necessities and keep them on you, phone, keys and money.

Plastic tubs - of course you won't forget these, where would we be without them!  I have one large one which my clothes go into.  I can lay them flat so when I take them out they don't have fold marks.  I have also just invested in six small-medium sized tubs for all my other things.  They are all the same size so they stack well in the car and under a market table.  They aren't too big so not too heavy even when full which means the kids can even carry them if they are helping you set up or pack up. They also stack nicely in-between markets.  Its good to try and keep it all together and easily accessable.

Craft activity - This is a sneaky one.  I never get much done but if people see you sewing they HAVE to come over for a look.  Its a great conversation starter.  It looks good if people are crowding around your table, it always brings more over for a look.  People also like to know who has made everything and how its done.  I usually just sew yo-yos.  They look pretty.  I let customers look through the fabrics, choose a colour and I can make a hair clip while they wait.

Happy marketing.  I hope that helps someone.  I'm glad I've got a list and I know where to find it now!


  1. Before we moved we used to do Farmers Markets selling Oysters and I quickly developed a 'Market List' just like yours after forgetting things.
    One thing that was on our list that could apply to yours is a sign with your business name.

  2. Along with the sign you should also assigned small logo for better response. I think its good for the growth of business.

    Stock and Commodity Tips

  3. Great list, I have all the same on mine. I usually take some knitting, but never seem to get around to it.

  4. Thanks Zara, I've added "sign" to the list.