Sunday, May 13, 2012

Calf time.

Thanks for everyone's comments, emails and photos re: the bathroom post.  Hopefully we can reach a temporary solution soon.  

In other news we are in the middle of our calf rearing season.  We had more arrive today.  They are so cute although I am glad when they move from twice a day to once a day feeding.

 These twelve little ones are in the front paddock.Late afternoon they all stand in the corner, looking at the house, mooing, waiting for someone to come and and give them their milk.

This is what happens if you come and visit us for afternoon tea.  
We make you feed the calves.  
My aunt and uncle from Melbourne getting a lesson.


  1. I notice that the aunt and uncle aren't in the paddock with the calves, weren't they told that the calves like their heads rubbed while they drank their milk.

  2. Oh yes calf rearing. I loved it when I was younger. I can't wait 'til we can one day have poddy calves again so the fiance can experience it.
    Lucky your aunt and uncle were on this side of the fence otherwise they would have left with clothes covered in milky slobber and maybe even the odd headbut or two.