Friday, May 11, 2012

The bathroom. Suggestions please.

Sorry folks, this is pretty long winded.  Had to get it all out of my head.

We renovated our kitchen last year and I'm extremely happy with it.

We now have a bathroom in serious need of major overhaul.  The bathroom was supposed to be done before the kitchen but we had plumbing issues which required extensive destruction of a kitchen wall to fix so we ended up doing the kitchen first.  As a result the bathroom is plunging further into disrepair.

I'm not sure I'll ever post a photo of the bathroom here on my blog.  I'm even embarrassed telling you about it.  I think its just awful, I even cross my fingers when visitors come that they don't need to use the facilities.  Even the "boys facilities" outside on the verandah are a better option at present.

I'll paint you a picture in words.  Its bout forty years since it was decorated.  We have mauve tiles, I painted the mauve walls in a neutral colour which slightly improved things.  Theres a totally pointless vanity with no under bench storage.  We do have a decent mirror that takes up nearly a whole wall and a nice roman blind that Mum made.  My sister-in-law (married to the plumber in the family) busted the old PINK toilet so we have a new white toilet at least. Not too bad you say, well, then there is the shower.  For a start its over a bath that is not much bigger the a baby bath.  Then there are the mauve tiles which seem to be barely stuck to the wall.  They tend to jump off the wall while we are showering.  There is only so much plastic contact and heavy duty sticky tape can do.  Last night I yanked all the sticky taped tiles off the wall and today covered the gaping hole (yes I can see daylight) with a plastic shopping bag. I'm getting more depressed every time I walk in there.  Oh yes, we also have a shower curtain, don't get me started on shower curtains.  They aren't the nicest things at the best of times but the designs they choose to print on them are attrocious.

Our issue is we can't decide on a renovation plan.  It would be easy to just replace what is there, BUT we have an old house and there is a lot of badly used space in that part of the house, theres a big hallway, another shower/powder room, linen cupboard and laundry.  I would love to demolish the lot and do something really amazing with the space but unfortunately finances won't permit that at the moment.  We are reluctant to just do the bathroom when right next door is another old bathroom, it would make sense to do both at once so could match tiles, fixtures etc. and save on labour.  That would give us five bedrooms and two bathrooms which would be very useful.  If we do both bathrooms it wouldn't cost much more to do the laundry etc.  We start dreaming and the whole things gets out of control, I don't like hubby's ideas, he doesn't like mine so we just end up sticking more sticky tape on the walls and are hoping it will hold until we can agree.  We also need to do any bathroom renovating in Summer so we can set up a temporary bathroom in milk room in the old dairy.   I don't want to be out there mid Winter.

Get the picture.

After sticking up the gaping hole today and getting more depressed, I wondered if we could somehow line the walls around the shower with something waterproof and maybe buy ourselves another year of savings.  I've had the wonderful brainwave of using corrugated iron.  You can imagine farmer husbands response to that but I'm not thinking of the rusty stuff lying near the shed, more like whats in the picture above.  I may even paint it white.

What do you think?
Does anyone have any other ideas that don't cost a fortune?
The frilly white shower curtain and chandelier kind of take my fancy too.  Not sure the menfolk will go for that.
Any suggestions welcome.


  1. LOVE the idea of corrugated iron! My brother did a "temporary" shower repair with a couple of sheets of mini-orb......looked fabulous and lasted well for MANY years :) Good luck!

  2. My BIL used to work for Laminex and they make a waterproof shower panel. We used it for my mum's new shower in her cottage in the country. I'll try to find a pic and email it to you.

  3. Yes love the look of corrugated iron indoors as well as out.
    In the bathroom appeals to me as I hate cleaning all the grout lines of tiles, so this removes that problem. Another pic that I pinned of a corrugated iron shower is this one-

  4. Yep, I was going to suggest the Laminex idea too. My parents have had it for years..and whilst it is not glamorous it may well do the job for a while, and is easy clean!

  5. We did our old bathroom a couple of years ago and we have white tiles, wet room shower with a glass brick wall AND corrugated iron!!! We totally love it, do you want photo's? It's not huge but it's twice the size it was originally, it's white and light and easy to clean....

  6. As we have been in this house about 10 yrs and finally decided to paint a ceiling I have nothing to offer but sympathy.

  7. Sounds painful. I promise I never thought less of you when I peed at your house. Just so you know.
    My only reservation with your temporary fix is it needs a finish date. A locked in, agreed upon and 100% no excuses finish date, otherwise you could have a temporary fix for ten years!!

  8. After six weeks our bathroom is almost finished. Shower out on the deck is not fun buy going from a 1961 pink and grey and green bathroom to a 2012 black and white bathroom is fantastic.