Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm preparing for a two day market at a Vintage Tractor Rally in our town this weekend. You know the one where I get to play shops in an original store that is part of our Heritage Centre buildings. I helped dust and clean the shop yesterday and have planned how I'm having everything.

I've had this simple charm square quilt on the shelf for a while and have decided I might pop it up for sale. The only problem is I started quilting it originally with a swirling degree motion swirling design which I wasn't happy with so I pulled it out and did large cross hatching instead. You can still see the holes where the swirls were and would like to see if I can get them to come out. So I've asked a friend who's unpicking some quilting she had done and checked with my Twitter sewing buddies. Solutions include steaming, wetting, brushing and washing. Seeing its such a nice day I've finished sewing down the binding and am going to try washing it. I'll let you know how I get on. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Edit: Washed the quilt and it came up perfect.

Worst case scenario they don't come out, I'll just offer the quilt at a discounted price or keep it. They will come out eventually with wear.

Its going to be a busy weekend. I've also been asked to judge the CWA (Country Woman's Association) photography competition Saturday morning. I had some photos published in the electorate calendar (another blog post I need to do) so am now apparently an authority on photography. Eeek. As I told the lady it can't be any harder than judging Miss Junior Showgirls. Done that once and never again!

Here's a pretty picture of the hair clips I've been making too. I sell out most years so this year I've made double what I normally do.


  1. That is a pretty quilt! I can't believe that you picked out all that quilting.....Your little yo yo hair adornments are really cute :)

  2. Good luck and as for the quilt - two words "design feature"!
    Hope it goes really well!

  3. how do you get so much done woman??

  4. Love the quilt and the clips! Have fun at the market!

  5. That is so gorgeous - I hope the market went well.

    'hello' and have a fabulous weekend

    Nina xxx

  6. Very nice blog. Congratulations from Spain. KS.

  7. Very glad to see I came up better after a wash - most of us do :)