Sunday, April 15, 2012

Local adventuring.

We have been doing some local exploring.
We met a man on our journey who told us the history of this abandoned homestead. Amazing story. Five brothers and sisters were born and lived their whole lives here together. The last one, in her eighties moved out less than ten years ago. Its pretty much in the middle on nowhere but apparently there used to be a town here with a bank, pub, blacksmith, church etc. This is the only old building left standing now.

A quick photo opportunity with the cousins at Terrick Terrick National Park.
Yes, Miss four is wearing a lovely patchwork skirt over track suit pants because she was "cold". It's a good look.

I doubt if there has been water lying around like this for years.
We stumbled on some pretty spots.

Miss Muff back home listening to music with her big cousin.

We have also celebrated a birthday these holidays.
Introducing.......Mr Nine!
He wanted cupcakes this year, nine fit rather nicely on a plate.
He only got one present this year, a brand new BMX which has already had a fair workout.
Happy Birthday buddy. xxx


  1. happy birthday Mr Nine!!!! My Mr Nine from Argentina says hi! He also got a BMX....but as a Christmas present. What a great gift. Hope you are having a lot of fun with it!

  2. o love old buildings and all the history they hold. if only those walls could talk. . .

  3. Mitiamo Rock! Showed Scott the photos and he loved them. Hadn't seen much water around there in the last either!