Friday, March 2, 2012

We now have a waterfront property.

Now, as I said in my last post the boys are away. When the boys go away there are always dramas. Yes, the usual cow escaped on the first day, this always happens. They don't get out for weeks and as soon as hubby leaves they decide to appear in the garden or front lawn.

Drama over?
No, not this time.
It then decided to rain......3.5 inches in eight hours.
Thats real rain.
We have lived in this place for nine years and the while time its been a drought so it was a bit scary waiting to see where all that water would go. Mum and I were up at 11.30 in the dark with umbrella and shovel digging trenches to drain some of the water building up near near the house. Thankfully it was just garden that got inundated, the house was OK. Unfortunately one of our neighbours had to be sandbagged.

Our little farm is flood irrigated so all our paddocks are graded with a slight slope. At the bottom of every paddock there is a big puddle/lake where the water has accumulated. It will drain away in time but they are telling us now to expect another 3.5 inches this weekend. Eeek.

While out taking these photos I noticed all these little stars all over the ground. They are little powder puff fungus that have burst open with all the moisture. Quite pretty.

So wish us luck for this weekend.
Hoping we won't need a boat!


  1. Scary stuff Julie, we haven't had anywhere near that much..about 50mm over the two days...stay dry and safe..

  2. ooh, stay safe and dry! Hope it goes down soon!

  3. Yikes. What crazy weather. Hope you have a drama free weekend.

  4. Eeek Express Posting you a snorkel!!!!
    Take care xx

  5. Wow very scary!! Hope you stay above water all weekend!

  6. Hope things are draining away a bit, if not starting to dry out at your place. Thats an awful lot of water!