Monday, March 26, 2012

My Lisette dress.

I joined in Cam's Lisette Continental Dress Sew-a-long. It took me less than two hours to get the dress to almost finished and then two weeks to hem the thing.
Finally today I found five minutes. No school fetes or school Council meetings this week!

I've resorted to the full length mirror propped up in the garden to get some photos.
I must teach the four year old to use the camera.

I'm going to make another for next Spring/Summer. Most others seemed to make their dresses in pretty colours, I had this (boring) brown patterned fabric already in the cupboard and thought with a cardigan and boots might be alright for the cooler weather.

So my verdict on the pattern.

Good points.

It was easy to make.
No zips or buttons.
Length perfect on me.
Covers bra straps well.

Bad points.

It is a little sack like, but fine with a cardi.
Sizing is odd, I'm usually a 14 but measured up and made size 18.
I need to take it in.
The gathering at front makes me look even bigger up top.

Pattern from Spotlight.
Thanks Bec for posting it to me. Nice to have a personal shopper.


  1. I love it!
    It looks gorgeous on you.
    I wanna make one too.
    And I want to have a photo shoot in the garden.

  2. I like the fabric! My first time making a dress from a pattern and measuring up properly. I was shocked I had size 18 waist!! Like really shocked!

  3. I'm loving it with boots and a cardi!
    I might have a search in the stash for some wintery fabric to have a go too.
    Thanks so much for playing along.

  4. Brown is good, don't knock brown, looks really fab with those boots., I would never have thought to do a winter version. And I agree with all your points, I found the same. Covering bra straps is a definite criteria of mine too (just between you and me, and the rest of your readers).

  5. Definitely my type of thing for winter!! Comfy even if it feel like a sack and I think yours looks great...

  6. Beautiful dress! And it looks so good on you!

  7. It is lovely, looks very similar to the Anna Maria Horner socialite dress :-)

  8. Ummm not sure how I missed you and your sexiness in this post. Woah NELLY!!!
    Wahoooooooooo, lookin good xx
    Nice dress to :o)