Friday, March 2, 2012

The cat needed a quilt.

Mr Eight and and Dad went on school camp for three days this week so Grandma came to visit and we have been having quite a girly, quilty time of it.

As you can see the kitchen, dining, living room have been a flurry of fabric and activity. We didn't enen bother tidying up at night, no men home so we left it all out to play with the following day.

I made a label for this quilt that our quilt group is donating to the local primary school to raffle for their upcoming fete. It was a challenge quilt we did. It took us a few years but it came up really well. We had to work with purple, red and yellow and yes, it was a challenge. There's a photo of the whole quilt here.

I haven't got a lot of other work to show. We cut some squares up to make some more patchwork skirts and went through my stash and cut 2.5 inch squares and strips from all my small scraps for future scrappy quilts. That tidied up the stash a bit.

Grandma and Miss Muff decided the new kitten needed a quilt. Here it is in progress.
By the way, the kitten is a boy, no name decided yet.
Photo of kitten and its quilt to come.


  1. Little Miss Muff is a doll! Good for you teaching her to sew!

  2. What a lucky kitten getting its own quilt. Cant wait to see a pic of them together. x

  3. ha, that's my life, leave your sewing out all the time, 'no men here'. They probably wouldn't even notice anyway! I'm having a sewing day with my sister tomorrow, fully expecting the kid to plonk herself in the middle and want to sew too! Cute...