Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegie Garden Stick Art.

It rained yesterday and I din't have to go anywhere today so I thought it might be a good opportunity to spend some time in the veggie patch.

I saved these fruit tree prunings last year to make some climbing frames for peas and beans. I should have really done it while they were bendy but I was still able to weave them into a little trellis of sorts.

Does that count as craft people?

I also resurrected a teepee frame I made ages ago that had fallen over in the garden.

Some weeding.
Some planting - lettuce, onions, broccoli, celery, snow peas and beetroot.
Already growing - tomatoes, rhubarb, capsicum.
and the patch is looking a lot better.
I feel good too.

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  1. it's a 'patch' so therefore, yes, it's crafty... :o)