Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Test cat.

My poor children haven't really had a pet. We have cows and chooks but nothing you can really cuddle and play with in the garden. We have toyed with the idea of a cat or dog for ages. Mr Eight has a range of allergies which we thought might be an issue of we got a pet. I'm also not a fan of dog poo where kids play and have always thought cats might eat the blue wren families in our garden so we have never got around to adopting a pet.

Last night the husband took away a cow to sell and came back with a black kitten.
Valentines present apparently.
Its on trial. If allergy boy flares up it may have to go back to where it came from. Its a friendly, placid little thing. If he passes the test I think we will get an old bird aviary and shut him up at night and hopefully the wrens and him can co-exist.
Cat in cage....not birds.

I've wasted the better half of a day giving it two baths to get rid of fleas. Now its all de-bugged I can see some potential sewing time on the horizon. Miss Muff is obsessed with it. A piece of string with a scrap of wadding tied to the end, they will be busy together for ages!!!


  1. Darling, and such a fun age! Kittens are so entertaining! Hope it works out for you.


  2. Oh it has the cutest face. I hope it works out and he gets to live at your place.

  3. Oh just look at that sweet face.
    Yes I can just picture him chasing the wadding on a string.
    Good luck with him.

  4. Such a cute face.Is there such a thing as a not cute kitten?

  5. Listen to you trying to be a hard arse! I hope it works out because quilting and cats go together, just like man-quilters and facial hair go together...
    Ab x

  6. Flea powder flea powder flea powder. and a bell or wo around the neck - then it can tsneak up on your birds (hopefully)'s all cute until it decides to use your quilt as a scratching thingo...Pxo

  7. what a sweet little kitty - is he still with you guys?? Hope all is going well.