Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five minute cushion cover.

At our pre-school they have rest time in the afternoon. Its more like story time but the kids are asked to bring in a blanket/quilt of some sort and a small pillow or cushion to lie down with. We made the quilt last year but I never got around to making the cushion. I bought an insert and yesterday decided I'd better get to and make it. Pre-school only started three weeks ago. Can't rush these things.

Miss four took and hour to choose the fabric (one of Aunty Corrie's scraps) she wanted and it took me all of about five minutes to make. Isn't it silly how we put things off then when we do them it only takes the shortest of time. I used a 14 inch insert and cut the top to 16 inches and two pieces 16 by 13 inches for the back so they lap over each other. Very lazy, no zips or ties. I think it will do the trick.

For every one that has been asking, yes we kept the kitten.
Its very cute and very well behaved.
He lives outside and is locked up at night in the outside laundry so he doesn't get up to no good with other cats and birds.
The blue wrens don't seem to be too phased by his presence which is good. Hopefully they can co-exist.

We haven't named it yet, we can't work out if its a boy or a girl. The vet visits town tomorrow so I'm taking it in for a quick, free consult.
Miss Four wants to call it Pepper or Sophie, but I'm not sure how Kate will feel about that.
Mr Eight calls it George and I call it Puss Cat.
Shadow is another suggestion being thrown around.
Any suggestions welcome.

Previous names of cats I have had are
Mousetrap, Puss, Fluffy, Fresno, Thomas and Rupert.
Three of those were also black fluffy cats.
Funny how that has worked out.

Finally, here's a photo of the huge storm that hit us last night. We had about an inch of rain in an hour, lots of thunder and lightning (I think the house jumped off the stumps at one stage). Theres a lot of water lying around today and one of our apricot tree lost a big branch but other than that all OK. It was pretty hairy at the time though.
I didn't realise I'd captured the birds flying away from the storm in the photo. I hope they found somewhere safe.


  1. can't help with kitten names, we're a dog family and we've never had a cat (well you can't count the feral ones that hang around can you?) it was a blockbuster of a storm wasn't it, our poor dogs were both sat on my knee at one stage and the glasses in the cupboards were rattling with each deep rumble, good bit of rain though as the ground was pretty dry already..

  2. I always liked Bob for a name, get it, Bob cat!

  3. My sons little friend recently acquired a little black kitten and they named it "Jinx" - works for both a boy or a girl!! I must say it's a very cute kitten...

  4. Oh I can so relate to putting off the small things!

    As for cats, I've known too black cats (not mine), they were called Sooty and Jasper. Sooty is at least unisex...might help

  5. oh so cute! the cat, the cushion! adorable! hope you're not going to get rained out this weekend! oh and everything happens when daddy is away! power out, laptop dies that sort of thing!