Saturday, February 11, 2012

February, how did that happen?

Hello remember me? I pretty much decided it was fruitless blogging the first few weeks of a new school year. Gosh its been busy here. So busy, I haven't done any craft or taken hardly any photos.

Our big household development is that we now have a kinder girl in the house. She loved her first day and can't wait to go again. I was dreaming about my two days of potentially uninterrupted sewing time but them I got a job on one of the days. Silly me. Hopefully the other day I'll get some me time. At least there might be some money for necessary crafty purchases, even though I'm trying to use up what I've already got on the shelves this year.

While getting ready for kinder she asked me to do her in a twisty thing like the big school girls have. I finally worked out she wanted a plait. Eeeek, hard to do when after four years you haven't even managed to grow your hair to your shoulders! We had a bit of a play and this is the plait......she was happy, thats all that matters.


  1. Wow your little one sure has grown.
    And such a sweet plait.

  2. I love her little frock! And that hair is so fine! I would have whacked a tub of gel on it and slick it back into place haha

  3. Oooh she's grown so much since I first met her!
    Love her plait and I feel her minimal hair pain but one day she'll have luscious tresses. I was a baldy until three and half so she's doing better than I was at her age....
    Ab xx

  4. That dress is sooo cute.
    Hope she enjoys her kinder visits this week.