Sunday, February 26, 2012

Country Show.

Friday night was our local show. We don't always go but this year Mr Eight entered a lego exhibit and won third prize. It was fairly quickly put together before bed time one night, he has much grander plans for next year now we have seen the different categories. Mum needs to get her act together and enter some photographs and sewing items next year too.

Mr Eight holding a crocodile.

Miss Four not holding a crocodile.

Digging for dinosaur bones.

One of the exhibits in the craft pavilion.
These fruit/vegetable creations were very clever.


  1. What fun pictures! I love the Lego creation! Right now my living room floor is literally covered in Legos since it has been school vacation this week and my son pulled out every Lego he owns! Fun!

    I've always wanted to enter something into a fair or contest of some sort. I think that would be fun, even if I don't win! Good luck to you!


  2. ewww, that ugly grasshopper freaked me out! Clever yes, but too realistic!