Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First go at quilting with a stitch regulator.

We have just come back from a long weekend in Melbourne. Literally an hour before we left, one of the local ladies I quilt for, rang to say she had a wall hanging she wanted finished for a friend. I said she had an hour to get it to me, thinking it would be a good opportunity to try out Mum's new Bernina sewing machine. Its got a stitch regulator, something I've never used.

So after I added the border and basted the quilt (I didn't give her time to finish it) Mum gave me a lesson on the new machine . Well, its different I must say. You don't use your foot pedal at all, the speed of the needle is regulated by how fast you move the quilt under the needle. I wouldn't say it made the quilting any quicker but definitely improves regularity of stitch size and gives you more "thinking time" i.e. which direction you need to move fabric etc.

I did bumble bee loops with an occasional heart thrown in.

Its going to be funny going back to sewing on my regular machine.

I need to go and see what UFO is next on my hit list. I'm giving my shoulders a rest for a couple of weeks. One quilt a month is about my limit I've decided and I've already done two since New Years. Must blog the Bliss Quilt when I can pry it from its little owner.

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