Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Bliss Quilt - Obligatory photos.

This quilt has been finished and in use for a week or so now. I finally got a few minutes tonight to sneak outside and take some photos. I ended up quilting a half inch in from the seams on the white half square triangles are and did a large stipple around the border. It nearly did me in. My shoulders were so sore, no quilting for a while for me. Its a HUGE quilt, it fits Ellie Mae's double bed and comes down past the top mattress. She loves it.

So, here it is, on the fence.....

the front.....

the back....

rolled up....

with the cows looking on wondering what on earth I'm doing as usual....

and on the motorbike!
Thats a new location I haven't tried before but hey, the bike was there, why not!
Clashes slightly with the single purple handle.

I'm running out of spots around the house to take original photos.


  1. I love the quilt.
    And I love the quilter's dilemma.

  2. Why not try the cows next time! See what they really think of your quilts!

    What a gorgeous piece of work! Just fabulous!


  3. It's lovely Julie, still adore that fabric, I think I still have some scraps somewhere I might have to use up on something..

  4. Well done Julie, the quilt looks amazing. x

  5. Beautiful! You are so talented!

  6. That's an idea, quieten a cow to display your quilts on - to take photos of.
    Nice quilt and photos .

  7. Lovely quilt and great photo shoot, especially love the cow shot.

  8. Gosh it's a gorgeous quilt, and your photos! Totally swoonworthy!

  9. Utterly gorgeous. I've pinned your quilt on my Pinterest board (I hope you dont mind )

    Im planning a quilt just like this for my guest bedroom thanks to your inspiring photos!