Saturday, December 31, 2011

UFO confession photos.

Well its that time of year when you are supposed to make New Years resolutions. Every year, one of mine is to finish off some unfinished sewing projects. I'm hoping his post might guilt me into getting a few done. I thought I'd share my UFO pile.

I feel like I'm showing you through my undie drawer or participating in my own "Quilters Annoymous" meeting. Dare you to do the same. Make sure you put a link in my comments if you do.

So, in no particular order....

Pieced blocks I started making a few years ago. I was going to put these into a boyish quilt for the boy. I'm not sure what happened here. I either got bored or couldn't decide how big to make it. They look quite good now that I have laid them out and taken this photo.

'Girls Day Out Quilt'
I started hand stitching this one five years ago. Its beautiful. I've got it probably 80% quilted. I used to quilt a section every time I went to Mum's house so I could do it on her machine. I should really finish it now that she has upgraded her machine and I have inherited her old one. It very time consuming, as you can see the quilting is quite intricate. I'm doing designs in all the borders, stippling around the stitcheries, quilting in the ditch.....a little of everything.

'Bliss' Quilt top that needs a few more rows to fit on Miss Muff's bed.
I'll make a pieced back too, not sure how to quilt this one yet

My hexi collection from Abbe's Hexi challenge. I make a few every now and then. I've almost got enough to start having a play with ideas. I think they will end up on a quilt. I did have thoughts of a table runner. Will wait and see what else comes into my head.

Quilt top that needs quilting and a matching pieced back made.
I'm not sure I love this any more. It may end up in my Madeit shop.

Need to hand sew Bianca's hexi's on my birthday sewing machine cover.
Aren't they pretty. You girls are nuts for making those miniature hexi's.

My niece's quilt. My niece and I are making this for her new bed in their new house. They moved in about a month ago so we had better get cracking and finish this one. She's done a really good job learning how to buttonhole and appliqueing the hearts on.

'The Ugly Monster'
This quilt was an attempt to use up a lot of my country colours. Its probably ten years old. The tulips are hand appliqued. I don't really like the background colour I put them on. I think it might end up quilted and thrown in the car as the car quilt. I don't love it.

A simple charm square quilt I made. Will either be a gift or popped in my Madeit shop when quilted.

OK. So there you go, my UFO confessions.
Blog yours and leave your link in my comments.
I know I'm not alone.


  1. You have some gorgeous WIPs! Love Bliss!!

  2. You have some lovely UFO's to finish off there. I blogged mine yesterday :o)

  3. I took the easy way out and sent all my finished quilt tops to Jan Mac of Quilts for Queensland. I was never going to quilt them and am happy that the work I did will be loved by someone. You have some beautiful work there. I must say I agree with you about the hexie girls! Cherrie

  4. I have just blogged my ufos - now to set about using them! LOVE the bliss quilt and you seriously have to finish that beautiful applique/stitchery one!