Sunday, December 11, 2011

Patchwork skirts in pinks and purples.

I had a couple of last minute skirt orders after Miss Muff wore her patchwork skirt to a party the other day. The request....a size 4 and a size 7 in pinks and purples.
I hope these do the trick!

I'd like to add a few of these skirts to the shop when time permits.
They are a fantastic was of reducing my scrap pile.

Edit: I've added a custom order item to my Madeit Shop.
I love making these, it would be nice have some to do over the holidays.
I've said December orders won't be done till January but if you are quick you might get a surprise pre-Christmas delivery!


  1. Positive they will be well received! They're GORGEOUS!

  2. When you're on a roll and enjoying yourself, GO for it. I love them.