Thursday, December 1, 2011

The patchwork skirt.

I cut this skirt out a week ago and finally finished it at about midnight last night. I love it so much, for a moment I contemplated waking her up to try it on.

After bribing with a red zooper dooper icy pole she agreed to a photo shoot.

Unfortunately we weren't in the mood for taking any modelling direction whatsoever
She was much too busy twirling.....

....and hanging upside down from trees.
I'm sure Miranda, Elle and Claudia all went through that stage.

The pattern is from Pink Fig Patterns.
I'm keen to make a few more in different colour ways to use up some more scraps.


  1. She looks gorgeous. Great skirt. I especially love the dotted band on the hem. I might have to put that on my ever growing to-do list. The twirl factor makes it winner with the wearers too.

  2. Just gorgeous Julie, Country Road eat your heart out.. :o)

  3. Such a sweet skirt, love all the colour and prints. x

  4. Yes I agree, Country Road 'aint got nicks on this! Absolutely gorgeous (both skirt and girl)!

  5. Absolutely adorable!!! It looks so full, like every girls dream. :) And I am always tempted to wake the littles up to try something on when I am so excited... it's the only drawback to sewing while they sleep.