Monday, December 5, 2011

Neighbourly advice.

One of my lovely neighbours dropped in the other day. I immediately though, oh no a cow has jumped a fence, a pipe has sprung a leak or she might just want a cup of sugar.
No, none of the above.

She wanted a shirring lesson!!!!

She's been making the most gorgeous clothes for her grand-daughters and wanted to do some shirred tops. She had had a try but it wouldn't work. Turned out she wasn't doing anything wrong, it was just the elastic she was using, (Guterman brand). Very disappointing as I won't use anything else but Gutterman for all my sewing. It seems their shirring elastic isn't very shirry, plus you don't get much on a roll for your money.
I put her on to the Big W brand I use and all was well. She popped in a few days later to show me one of her creations.

Ta da!!!!

I didn't get a close up but the bodice is all shirred and around the neck and sleeves.
What a lucky little girl.

Its made from another Pink Fig pattern, "The Mia Top".

I've made the pattern before but only did a single layer skirt.
There's a photo on my left sidebar is you scroll down.


  1. Wow! That is such a sweet dress. Looks like she put a lot of work into it. I really like the one you made as well. You both know how to get the colours right. Not sure if I could manage all the work involved yet but going to put that pattern on my to do one day list (when I am more experienced) :-).

  2. I have had nothing but trouble with shirring too, must be the brand I am using too. We don't have a big W nearby, any other brands any good? Wondered why I couldn't get it right....