Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fifteen Trees.

At our last local LandCare meeting our group had been given tubes of trees from the Fifteen Trees program.

From just $49.50 per year Fifteen Trees will carbon offset your car by planting 15 trees to collect your car's carbon emissions.
The indigenous trees are planted by schools, environmental networks, landowners and Landcare throughout all states of Australia.

We chose to plant our tubes in the gaps in our tree lines.
The trees either side of where we are planting are 3 and half years old.
We had the odd one die of course so it will be nice to have the gaps all filled in.

Its been fairly warm but today we had quite a bit of rain so this evening we went out and planted our trees while the ground was soft. We pulled up a lot of old stakes to recycle and weeded around a few of the existing trees too.

Thankyou to whoever purchase the trees.
They have gone to a good home.

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