Monday, December 19, 2011

Cut offs.

I seem to have lost the blogging mojo this week. I have been sewing but the whole photographing and blogging about it just hasn't happened. Party due to time restraints and partly because I don't want surprises to be ruined. So things might continue to be a little quiet around here and really who has time to read blogs at this time of year. I'd be talking to myself.

Some sewing I can show. I did the biannual clean out of kids wardrobes. Rather than sending last winter's pants to the op-shop I cut them off and trim them with binding for shorts for Summer. They still fit, its just that the legs were getting short. Quite cute.

Lastly, a random photo from last week.
This is the current quilt stack in the the little girl's room.


  1. That's a fab idea! I must show my sister. Maybe we can recycle some of the boys jeans into shorts.

  2. Still reading as I don't 'do' Christmas. Still looking for inspiration to get my sewjo working properly too. I wish my girls were small enough to let me cut of their jeans. They look really cute. Cherrie

  3. loving the shorts - might do the same here, thanks for the idea!
    Lovely quilts!!!

  4. Hello, I've just clicked around and landed on your blog. How amazing are your quilts! Great idea to turn the jeans into shorts too. Kellie xx

  5. Hello Julie just getting bavck onto the Blogworld put it short have had the year from hell....I hope you have had an excellent Xmas

  6. Love the shorts trimmed with binding -- those are really cute!