Monday, November 7, 2011

Round and round the Mulberry bush.

I'm not normally a food blogger but oh my goodness I had to show you what we have been devouring for dessert the last few nights. Pavlova (our eggs), whipped cream, strawberries and home grown mulberry puree.
We are addicted.
This may not be a good thing. I'm seeing some serious exercise ahead of me.

(Speaking of food blogging, I watched Julie and Julia last last.
What a great movie.)

Up until this year we have had a few mulberries, most of which the birds make off with.
This year, the tree is loaded so I've investigated some recipes and how we can preserve them for Summer. As far as recipes go we haven't got past mulberry puree and as for preserving I'm washing them and popping them in zip lock bags in the freezer.

Here are my fruit collectors shaking the tree to make the berries fall out.
I was picking them by hand before I discovered this was the way to do it.
Read - purple fingers.

Bundling up the haul.
Another bowl full.

And just to keep with the whole crafty blog thing.
Is anyone seeing the potential for some fabric dying???



  1. Oh yummy. I miss the taste of mulberries.
    They sure do stain or dye (whichever way you want to look at it) well. x

  2. I want some, too!!!!! I hated the stain but now I am looking at it with other eyes! 8-))
    We do have this kind of mulberries but we also have the "white" type. We call it "white" but it is pale green. It tastes the same, just looks different.

  3. yum I love Mulberries try rubbing the green not ripe ones on your hands to remove the stain
    hugs Beth

  4. Seems to be pavlova season at the moment. I can't go past a good pav (although I doubt there is such a thing as bad pav)

  5. I've never eaten one, but you do make them look and sound delicious! I have a friend that makes ice-cream out of her white mulberries, I can send you the recipe if you are game for some ice-cream making. :)

  6. Our friends have a huge mulberry tree. You now need some silkworms and those purple finger take a while to fade. LOVE mulburry jam.

  7. Oh Julie I just love this post !!! Such a dreamy romantic life you lead :o) how about coming over here (pav in hand of course) with the kids one evening next week and we'll take them on the water slide, grab some fish and chips (with pav to folllow - hope you're getting my drift !!) and have a right royal catch up !! What say you dear friend????