Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quilt's for NZ.

I was on the phone to Mum the other night and she casually tells me she's in this months Australian Patchwork and Quilting. Well, not just her but her quilt group ladies. Quite a spread too. A few of the quilt groups in the Mornington Peninsula area got together and made quilts for the people of Christchurch after the New Zealand earthquakes. 561 donated heart blocks were made into 17 quilts to send. Aren't they lovely. Well done ladies, I'm sure they will bring comfort to their new owners.
PS. Thats Mum holding up the quilt.


  1. I wonder if she'll be too famous to talk to you now. It's quite possible that you will not be worthy!
    Well done Aunty H x

  2. 15 minutes of fame...I never buy that mag so now I'll have to go get it..
    Well done to your Mum..

  3. Thats fantastic :) the quilts look great as well. Im sure they will be very loved by people who receive them :) Well done to all the ladies involved.