Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The kitchen - before, during and after.

I'm calling the kitchen finished. Well 99% finished, are they ever done?
Theres a teensy tiny bit of painting to do and I need to have the window measured for a venetian blind and I'm tossing up what to do about a door into the butlers pantry.
We have come a long way when you look back.
Yes Corrie, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our cabinet maker was Kookaburra Woodcraft if you are looking for a new kitchen, he's in Bendigo. I can completely recommend him. Great guy and the the only person that bothered to make the two hour round trip to actually give us a quote. I wasn't impressed with the big kitchen places at all.

So here we have BEFORE.......

Yes we have an old house. The kitchen part is 100 years old and had had a late 60's reno.
Gorgeous at the time I suppose.
(Good riddance to brown laminate cupboards, aqua gloss paint, one sink, ripped lino, no water pressure, and sadly, my ladder where my pots used to hang. Everyone wanted me to keep this. There was also a glass cabinet over the bench return that we all used to bang our head on. It was the first thing to go.)

This was the scary stage. No floor, plaster, light all in the middle of a mouse plague, surprisingly we never got one inside. The icky, dirty, noisy, dusty stage.

And AFTER...........

I still can't believe I have such a fabulous kitchen.

I'm still working on plans for the butlers pantry which is through the door at the end of the kitchen. I have the chest freezer and a buffet in there for now and all the stuff that I don't want cluttering my shiny new bench tops like the bread maker, bread flour containers etc.


  1. Just lovely Julie! That hardware is fabulous! And a butler's pantry? Wow! Great renovation!


  2. wow, hard to believe it's the same room! There must be serious gourmet stuff coming out of it now haha

  3. It's lovely Julie, love it, did you get the stove fixed..??

  4. WOW - what a difference, its like a whole new space. ooh, can you tell me about your floor - we are in the market for a new floor but I'm almost too scared to get a quote !

  5. Congrats on your new kitchen. Looks amazing!!

  6. I love that you have taken all the photos from the same direction. It really shows the contrast. It must be wonderful to have clean white cupboards after all those all ones. Wonderful handles too. Cherrie

  7. ohhhhhhhhhh it's lovely! I'm seriously in love with it and your butlers pantry will be amazing. Oh boy would I love one of them but no space here!

    tell me about being done! I don't think the old kitchen will be ripped out till after christmas so the front of the house won't look a bombsite over christmas!

    floors going in today then waiting till next friday for cupboards to arrive! it's definitely a long and dusty process but so worth it! i'm sure you're making gorgeous meals in there


  8. Woohoo Julie!! All done and looking wonderful!! Lucky you!! Awesome! Enjoy! 8-)