Monday, November 28, 2011

B-FAb at AQM.

Saturday I was lucky enough to get to the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne. I took Mum, and had arranged to meet up with a few crafty cohorts. We had a lovely morning checking out whats new to the quilty world, caught up with a few clever crafty chicks and made contact with some of my suppliers. Here's a few goodies from the day. Not much in the way of fabric as what I wanted hadn't arrived from the USA yet.

I'm also about to be the proud owner of a GoBaby Fabric Cutter. Its a long story, but there was a deal, if you bought four you got a great deal........ so Ab convinced us we all needed one. Expect to see lots of shapely things popping up on our blogs soon.

Just before we parted company the crafty cohorts presented me with my surprise 40th birthday presi!!

A snazzy, sewing machine cover with hexi motifs made by B-FAb,
or "the wenches" as they call themselves. Not sure how that name originated but it has stuck.
(B-Bianca, F-Fi and Ab-Abbe).
I was quite overwhealmed girls!!!
Thankyou all again. xxx

I saw Ab sewing hexis on her blog the other day. I never thought it would be for me.
Love the fox.

As for the ridiculous size of these babies.
Fi - you are mad.
None of us are crazy enough to make them this small.

Australia Post still have B's hexis so I'll sew them on when they arrive.

So the sewing room is looking quite bright and cheery today.
I also got to thinking how I'm so glad I started blogging. I'd never have met these girls and otherwise. Funny how you can 'click' with people through the written word. We have got together a few times now and its like we have know each other for years. Love you girls. xx


  1. Oh I almost got teary and you know that means something for a hard arse like me!
    Had a great day playing with you and your mummy (Mamma Wench he he he sorry Helen!)
    Looking forward to our next catch-up because it's just damn fun and as you say, it's like we've known each other for years.
    Here's cheers to me asking you inane questions a couple of years ago. Who knew it would blossom into a fabulous friendship?
    Me xx

  2. yay to being 40 & fabulous!
    what an awesome gift.

    blogging is absolutely fabulous for the wonderful friendships it creates.

    happy bday & have fun with your fabric cutter thingy ♥