Wednesday, November 23, 2011

40th birthday recovery.

Things seems to be pretty much back to normal here. My birthday celebrations seemed to go on all week. We had family visiting, lunch with girl friends and a party Saturday night, I went to bed at 3.45am, last time I do that, too old for that sort of thing now. It was a coolish night and we had a great fire going outside, just one of those perfect nights. I was inundated with chocolate, contributions to my upcoming shopping spree at Ikea and two new handbags. I need a hot date to flaunt the red leather Alannah Hill one. Bit of a lucky girl I am.
Thankyou everyone who sent me birthday wishes.
40 isn't so bad. Life's pretty good.

Saturday night also saw Miss Muff's first dance concert, watching the little ones doing their routines was priceless.

Back to reality today. Husband informs me I'm irrigating all day. There goes any plans I had. So today I'm zooming around on our postie bike, flood irrigating the paddocks, doing odd jobs. I have managed a tiny spot of sewing, I've enlarged Miss Muffs kinder quilt top and started to baste it. So the day is not completely lost.

I've also just discovered the apricots on the tree behind the motor bike are ripe. mm mmm


  1. Oh happy birthday Julie! A milestone I am yet to reach, glad to hear its not so bad and even sounds down right fun! Enjoy all those pressies - you could pop a few apricots in your new handbag and zip around the farm on the postie bike...for instance.

  2. Happy Birthday Julie. Would love to see your new AH handbag. Miss Muff's quilt is so pretty.

  3. Happy Birthday. Yum apricots off the tree.