Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women Who Shine.

I'm just home from a ladies brunch in Echuca for "Women who Shine". An interesting morning, recognising local women and generally celebrating life, being girls and having a bit of fun. There were 250 local ladies present and it was held at Radcliffe's in Echuca which was a perfect venue. I felt like I was walking into a wedding reception. I think the building was originally a mechanics workshop in the historic part of Echuca. This is the main function room, don't you love the vines and creepers growing inside.

In the foyer of the function centre ten 'hand makers' were invited to have stalls displaying and selling their wares. I was lucky enough to be invited.

Here's my little corner. Yes, its in front of the bar and no they weren't serving alcohol this morning. I was kept very busy all morning. Lots of dresses sold and some great feedback from my customers. Selling online is easy but its great to get out and talk to people about what they like to buy and get some feedback.

The theme of the day was shoes. All the decorations were pretty and a touch retro. The elaborately decorated shoes in the first photo were used as table centres and were auctioned off for charity at the end of the day.

During the brunch four local female artists came on to stage and completed a piece of artwork each. These were auctioned along with the shoes for charity.

Now for a rest. Too many late nights spent sewing last week!


  1. What a wonderful event and venue.

  2. What a Lovely Day & those Shoes are Divine a real work of Art...
    Glad to hear you did Well...

  3. Glad it went well Jules. Looks like it was worth the twenty kilometers of shirring!!

  4. I am glad to hear you did so well! The shoes certainly look beautiful!

  5. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. The shoes are delicious.

    I can see Miss Muffet is going to be a dress designer, she has started out well!!

  6. What a great idea. Looks like a great time!