Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wish list.

About this time of year I start collecting a few book titles to add to my Christmas wish list. More often than not I end up buying them and giving them to hubby to give to the kids to wrap and give back to me. Do all Mum's do that?

I've made most of the Grand Revival designs and love how easy they are to follow so of course I want the book. If you are a grand revival fan, Tanya is offering a free bag pattern download for people who link to where her book is available. She has some other great free projects/tutorials on her blog too if you don't already follow her.

Sew What You Love available here and here.
And on Fishpond here for Australian readers. (Appears to have a different cover).

While I'm compiling my list, for my own reference, also found on Tanya's blog, this book.
Available here on Fishpond.
I don't think I can wait till Christmas.
Look at that giant hexagon quilt!!! Love.



  1. I recently acquired the Girls World book. It's lovely!!! Haven't done anything with it yet but it is beautiful.
    Our local independent bookshop has a points rewards system. When you earn enough points (ie spend heaps of money on birthday party presents) you get a voucher. I figure the vouchers are mine (as opposed to any other member of the family), hence this book!

  2. I absolutely love Sew What you Love and the yellow handbag featured on that cover. It's the kind of handmade bag that goes right to your heart.

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