Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sponsored post stance.

I have to get this out of my head.
I've been thinking about sponsored posts after some e-mails approaching me to put product content on my blog.

I can't write honestly about things I don't use or love and I don't think people want to read that either. So I got to thinking about where I stand on this sort of thing.

Why I blog.

Pure enjoyment. I love that I have a record of my life. As much as I've tried I've never been able to keep a diary. For some reason blogging works for me.

Connecting with people, many who have become friends in "real life".

Sharing ideas.

Removes isolation of living in a country area. I can connect with like minded people in an instant.

Promotion of my hand made quilts and clothes, and my friend's on line business pursuits.

So what to do about the commercial world wanting a piece of me!!!

After much thought, I've decided, if approached, I'm happy to review products I genuinely use or would try. That way I can write honestly and hopefully my readers wont mind too much. I may as well get a couple of perks out of blogging but not at the risk of changing my blog focus. Not that I'm inundated with requests.

For any company thinking of sending me a request.

I'd consider reviewing products/books/web sites/stores etc. on the following topics.

Sewing, quilting, fabric, healthy living, food, natural products, children's learning, small farms, sustainability, gardens, vegetable growing, photography and renovating.

(and totally unhealthy and unsustainable but delicious Cadbury chocolate.)

That about sums up our life interests at the moment.
The first three are a no brainer!

Sorry about the wordy, housekeeping nature of this post, but its out of my head, and I feel happy with my stance.
I'm very interested to hear what others think.
Have I found the happy medium on this issue?
Feel free to use the same idea yourself on your own blog.

Now for a random photo because you can't have a blog post without a photo.


  1. My thoughts entirely, Julie. Well said. I've been reluctant to talk about it lest I be frowned upon for even contemplating making money from my blog. I'll be interested to see how many others wade into this discussion. I've had my say on my blog today -

  2. I've just had another request today. Some have been so random so I've just ignored them but as you say if it's relevant then why not?

    Having said that I wouldn't restrict myself to Cadburys only.


  3. I'm with you, on this one. :) I follow a few blogs that seem to do posts purely on reviews and giveaways, but whenever they depart from the things that interest me, they lose me. I don't want to do a blog like that, but the occasional sponsored giveaway (I love having giveaways) and getting something for an honest review at the same time, appeals, as long as it is a product I would use and talk about anyway, if I had one.

  4. Julie I agree with you, but I did not realise until reading your blog that I am basically writing that diary I always wanted to get around to. You have given me inspiration to put more on my blog I have been a bit slack. As for blogging for income, I am not a good "fibber" and if I really did not like the item, I would not be able to fake it. Perhaps that is why I have never been approached. The other thing I find disappointing is when you log onto a blog and you find you are in a store which just has the pattern you wanted but instead of being free there is a fee.

  5. Cadbury is good, you can send them my way as well then I'll send the Sarah Lee ice cream one on to you... :)
    I know what you mean, I've pulled out of one that I committed to and I've ignored several in the last few weeks. I just can't deal with it if I don't use it anyway....

    Oh and that's definitely a cutie using that machine, looks like she's going great guns..

  6. Hey Julie! Well said! I don't mind seeing reviews of products/patterns etc if the person reviewing it really likes it ... a great way to get feedback on things, but when blogs are all about reviews or the things being reviewed are a bit random, I switch off. I think if you stick with your original reasons for blogging, people will keep popping in. But by all means ... send the Cadbury people my way, too ... Hubby is a chocoholic! :0) Happy stitching - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. I read your blog every now and again but not consistently so hope you don't mind my commenting!...I like your stance because it does take time to write posts so it's nice that you can perhaps enjoy a treat from it in the form of a product you would otherwise like. It really bothers me when people try to continue their blog under the guise of "sewing/family/baking" and yet inundate their readers with a pile of sponsored posts! Coincidentally I have removed a previously much-loved blog from my reading list today because the lady was going on and on with the sponsored posts. I think I will replace that blog with yours!