Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pretty, pretty, perfect.


I really want to have a big long whinge to someone about Telstra and our month long lack of phone and internet service but I don't want to turn my blog into a depressing place to come so I won't.

Is it wrong to like the whole "pretty, pretty, perfect" thing? There are a lot of mundane things I could post on here but I prefer quality not quantity I've decided when it comes to blogging.

I read a post the other day by someone who was criticised for creating an unrealistic image of life on her blog. I really don't see the problem. There is so much crappy stuff going on in the world if I can read a few beautiful blogs and escape into an unrealistic world for a while and feel good and inspired afterwards I think that is a good thing.

OK, thats my little bit said for today.
On to the pretty, pretty, perfect stuff.

Pattern Little Wallet by Valori Wells

More purses. I'm thinking teacher gifts?
What do you think? Everyone I've shown loves them.
Putting snaps on them later.

I'm also plugging away with yoyo hair clips for market.
I love looking at these in their basket. Its sort of sad when they sell.

Enjoy the last weekend of the holidays everyone.
Magnificent weather here today.


  1. I agree - there is a lot of that criticism in the blogworld about people not blogging about the bad/sad/negative side of life. I don't see the need - there's so much beauty to enjoy! I've been enjoying your posts for a little while now and just wanted to pop out of the woodwork and say hello :)

    I love these little purses. What pattern did you use?

  2. I agree too - I don't blog about everything going on our family's life. There are lots of things that I only share with those very close to me. Blogland is often my "happy place".

    I love your purses and hairclips - I know what yu mean about it being sad when they sell because they look so pretty in their basket.

  3. Those little purses are so cute. Any chance you want to sell the red/apples one? If so can you kindly email me. Thanks

  4. Love the little purses, especially the owl one. What pattern is it? I'm sure the teachers will love them!

  5. I don't like those complaints about blogging either. I treat my blog as a craft blog. I never intended to pour out my entire life on the internet - just the bits that relate to craft.
    Most of the blogs that I read are just like that too.
    I watch the news for my daily dose of horrible real life stories. I read craft blogs for inspiration and pretty prictures and happiness!

  6. Surely our blogs are ours to do with what we will....? I have my reasons for vetting my blog-life and be buggered if I'll change that for some random critic!!!
    Why should I have to tell you all that I blog in the nude?