Sunday, October 30, 2011

I can do it myself.

Mummy, I can dress myself.
(This is today's outfit, we are into layering.)

Mummy, can I do the dishes.
(Hand me the mop.)

Mummy, can I do sewing.
(Hide the stash!)

Mummy can I hang out the washing.
(Kind of cute don't you think?)

Note, removal of undies before photo taken.
I'm not as adventurous as some bloggers and their undies on clothesline shots.


  1. I thought Miss Muff's washing hanging on the lane way fence in the winter time was pretty cute too. Love the purple tights and pink socks, a Cup fashion statement.
    Like the roses between the towels.
    You're so cute Miss Muff.

  2. Definitely a fashion Princess there...god help you when she's a teen...I know all about those.. :o)
    oh yes, I would have removed the undies too...!!

  3. Hi :-). I recently found your blog via Ab at Copper Patch. You're little girl is gorgeous, dresses with a bit of spunk :-). Love it! I have a daughter just the same. You have a great blog and really helpful tutorials :-). Xx

  4. Dude, we know you're the commando queen, you don't have to lie about the knickers!!!