Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miss Muffet's sewing adventures.

I've given my four year old co-pilot sewer a box of fabrics she can rummage through, cut up, sew, roll in, throw at her brother etc.

This morning she pulled out this pink piece and sewed a few lines up and down it then asked me to help her find a belt. We found a green checked piece, a strip off the side of a quilt which she decided was perfect. She took it away. There were a few whirs coming from her corner of the lounge room where she has her sewing machine set up. She then appeared next to me to help her put it on and take a photo.

So here it is, her first ever dress. Made completely by herself.
Personally I'd call it an apron. Its kind of lacking a back, but a mighty fine first effort don't you think?

Close up of belt fastened on to dress below.


  1. So cute. She looks so pleased with herself. :)

  2. That is quite an achivement for a four year old..she's done brilliantly. I like her fabric combo..the colours are lovely together.

  3. She's totally going to steal all your customers...then you won't think it's cute!

    Well done Miss Muff, aunty Ab thinks you're an excellent sewing person xx

  4. Excellent Ellie. Just love the photos - soooo proud. A designer in the making.

    Love Grandma.

  5. Gosh she's growing up quick Julie, excellent sewing skills Miss Muff....

  6. Just look at the grin on her face - priceless!

  7. Totally awesome just like her Mummy !!! I am not surprised at her achievements one bit :o) We should have a mummy daughter sewing bee one day!!

  8. Miss Muff you will be one amazing fashion designer one day!!!!!!!
    I love the fabrics you chose!!

  9. Absolutely adorable...Miss Muff and the creation. Keep encouraging are such a great mom!