Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating quilters.

I'm doing my bit for the quilting industry. Teaching more people how to make quilts. I convinced a friend to have a try earlier this year, she going great guns. So much so I think I've created a monster, she's on about her tenth quilt for this year and showing no sign of slowing down. She then showed her Mum how to make them and has also taught her ten year old daughter. Speaking of which, here is her daughter's quilt which I quilted today. Pretty impressive for a first go I thought. Its all very straight and carefully made.

I hope she's happy with my quilting job. I cross hatched the centre part and stippled the borders with random hearts. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo of the actual quilting today.

Blog posts here are not exactly regular due to internet service issues.
I'm doing this post quickly before it drops out again.


  1. Looks Awesome. Lyss will love it. Thank you.
    btw it's only 9 so and your fault for teaching me :) I love it soooo much.

  2. Great job!! Looks beautiful!

  3. Great job on passing on/enabling the love of quilting!

  4. Graet job! I like putting together blocks, but don't know how finish it off, so I have a bunch of unfinished quilts.

  5. Wow that is an amazing first quilt from a 10 year old.I'm sure she will be very happy with the quilting you did Julie.

  6. You must be sooo sick of the internet hiccups - must drive you insane. That first pic looks like you have a lovely old church spire at your property. Jeepers, 10 years old, great quilt - imagine what your little miss will be up to on her little machine when she is 10!
    And Julie, I have also tagged you in one of those 10 things about me - if you have the time "and connection" :)