Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cow popped!

Apple top awaiting straps.

I've been madly shirring away this weekend. Night and day. I'm very happy with my productivity. I usually get a bit stressed leading up to a market, thinking I don't have enough stock, trying to get things finished, unexpected events occurring and slowing me down.

I don't think I can part with the apple top above.
Another fabric I wish I'd bought more of.

I made lots of straps today and will hopefully get a few sewn on tonight.
They look pretty all lined up waiting their turn.

Now on to the popping cow thing.
Our first calf for this year arrived this morning.
Here she is with Mum.
Both well.


  1. Love the fabric choices.
    and new born calves are the sweetest. x

  2. You can tell you're a country girl when your post labels are cows, shirring....all the good things in life :o)

  3. the labels read "cows, shirring" - if only they could imagine how productive you would be!

  4. Beautiful litle calf, and dresses of course. Do you use the binding maker for your straps? I bought one a couple of months ago - I make a lot of binding! I love it