Friday, September 2, 2011

The wrap on straps.

I've enlightened a few people on the versatility of the straps on my tops and dresses but I don't think I've ever put it on my blog. I sew straps front and back and more often than not tie them over the shoulder as in the above photo. I centre them slightly at the back to try and avoid them slipping off the shoulder but sometimes they are best tied crossed over at the back, see below.

Alternativly you can try the halter heck look, just cut off the back straps and tie the front ones around the neck. This way the strap ends will be at the the back where they can't be easily untied or chewed!

Last of all, when your little miss grows out of her dress or top just cut the straps off completely, take up the hem if needed and voila you have a skirt for next season. Can you get better than that!

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  1. My girl likes the halther version, a bit more 'grown up' I gues for nearly 8! Love the criss cross idea too.