Friday, September 23, 2011

Since I was here last.....

Had the soil tests done.
Fed the calves.
Had the fertiliser spread all over the farm.
Been to the doctor, nothing serious don't worry.
Fed the calves.
Taken the girl child to dance class.
Taken boy child to hair dresser.
Fed the calves
Did a few hours as checkout chick at the supermarket.
Fed the calves.
Spent a day irrigating paddocks while hubby was at work.
Nearly fell off motor bike when hare jumped out of long grass at me!
Fed the calves.
Restocked my binding collection, photo to come.
Sorted out the bank accounts.
Paid bills.
Fed calves.
Made slices for the school production.
Fed the calves.
Made sure boy child and hubby were prepared for school production.
Went to both the matinee and evening performances.
Took lots of photos.
Was totally embarrassed by husband's dork and cross dressing costumes.
Cuddled my friend's new baby.
Fed the calves.
Worked this morning at my medical receptionist job.
Spent hours on the phone to Telstra re:lack of phone service and internet.
Fed the calves.
Packed for tomorrow's wedding and night away.

Still need to.
Buy a new bra.
Charge up camera battery for wedding.
Make sure theres enough food here while I'm away.
Do a couple of loads of washing.


PS. Mum and I visiting the Mill Rose Cottage Ballan on Sunday on the way home.
PPS. Intermittent internet driving me crazy, no photos, its taking about 4 hours to load one. Grrrr.


  1. Just a normal day, right? Have a nice time at the wedding!

  2. I was at Millrose today and am planning a visit tomorrow. maybe I could go the trifecta and stick my head in on Sunday.
    it is beautiful. You will not want to leave .

  3. I think you need a nanna nap!
    Have a lovely, relaxing weekend/break.

  4. Enjoy your night away. Seems like you have not wasted a second, well maybe you wasted some while you were waiting for the pics to load, you could have probably used that time mire wislely by pruning the roses or drenched the cattle or changing the oil in the tractor

  5. See you Sunday Julie, and don't bring the calves... :o)

  6. You sure have been busy busy busy, those calves sure seem well fed. x