Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mini Elna and a birthday.

Our Miss Three turned Four this week.
All she has been wanting for her birthday is a sewing machine. We dabbled with a $30 toy one last Christmas but it went for all of five minutes before breaking and was promptly returned. Last week when we walked past a sewing machine shop she spied this, a mini real life, Elna sewing machine. It 6V, doesn't go that fast, it does eight different stitches and the sales man said he didn't think it would have enough oomph to go through a finger. I was sold but I had to get it in the car without the birthday girl noticing!!! She was in tears when we left the shop because we didn't buy one. On the way back to the car I gave the sales man the signal and he popped the box in the boot when I was strapping Miss Muff in her seat.

Today is the first chance we have had to have a good sew with the new machine. Mr Eight is pretty keen on learning about it too. I thought they were just sewing straight lines but after half an hour, metres of thread, an extra strip of scrap fabric they finished their first masterpiece.
A headband.
There were even fittings and adjustments made.
So proud.

Isn't it lovely!

Happy birthday baby girl. xox

Garden fairy party preparations in progress.


  1. Happy birthday Miss Muff, the apple certainly didn't fall from that tree did it..
    Love the headband AND the serious look....

  2. Oh, I think that is just wonderful - a treasured moment - Happy Birthday, Little Girl!
    Hus - Lurline♥

  3. A huge Happy Fairy Forth Birthday to Ms Muff. I hope all your fairy dreams come true. Harvey sends birthday kisses xxxx
    Abbé xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Muff! Think you need some of your own labels to go on your creations now!

  5. How cute! I love the picture of the two of them together. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday Miss Muff!!!!!
    What a great present!!! She is a "little Julie", isn´t she?!!!
    I have seen a Janome machine similar to that one and almost got it for myself, for travelling!! haha!!!
    Now, watch out thing...she will be opening her own store and competing with you!!
    Ejoy the fairy party!

  7. Good for you, figuring out how to get it in the car without her noticing!

  8. Just beautiful photos, happy birthday Miss Muff.
    Love Grandma.

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Big Girl Four - what a clever Sweetie.

  10. A belated happy birthday to little Miss Muff!!! 4 years old already!?! WOW!

    What a wonderful gift for your little sewing enthusiast there Julie!! 8-)

  11. Jules, this is so very precious !! What a great little machine - you have a budding mini me :o) Hope she had a glorious birthday too...... so sorry I havent loaded your dresses online....I keep meaning to everyday but continue to get railroaded. Will have them up there really soon I hope. Maybe we should have a time limit for them....dont want them getting "old hat' when they could be selling elsewhere :o) Must catch up for a cuppa real soon XOXO