Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mill Rose Cottage.

On the way home today, Mum, Dad and I paid a visit to Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan.
Oh my goodness.
What a shop! It is just beautiful. Well laid out and lots of natural light.
Definitely worth a day trip if you are looking for somewhere to visit. There's an excellent area for classes too.

Lizzie was there to greet us when we arrived. She had told me ages ago she would be working today. Poor girl, having to work on a Sunday, just imagine having to drag yourself to work here!!!!! Sigh.
It was so nice to catch up face to face.

We sent Dad into the coffee shop next door while be browsed.
My purchases above.

Dad then came back and purchased himself a metre of blackberry fabric for the quilt Mum and I are making him. He may need to come fabric shopping with us more often.

I worked out what I was going to do with my red apple fabric on the way home. I knew it would work well with these spots. I've been wanting to make a little card wallet for ages. I'm very pleased with the result, I even managed to get the snap right first go. I have a feeling there will be more snaps on my creations in future.


  1. How quick are you Julie, cut it up and used it already.. ! It was great to catch up and I'm so glad that you appreciate how difficult it is to work there.. :o)
    Glad you had a safe trip home...

  2. Bought and used in the same day ! shessh. Sorry I didn't get back today, had to do a bit of real life management... next time ?? and yes the space for classes is gorgous.

  3. You were very inspired to get a project made out of your new fabric so quickly! Congrats on getting the snap in on the first try. I've never used one before as they seem to be a bit intimidating.

    Lovely shop! Great light and I love the wood slat ceiling.

  4. Wow the shop looks stunning with so many colors !
    Are you a Shopaholic?
    Do you tend to go on unnecessary shopping sprees?

  5. Hello from your newest follower :) I found you through retromummy and your blog is gorgeous. I have just started my own crafty blog but I wish I had the skill and patience for quilting. Looking forward to following your blog more often in the future xx

  6. How excellent is that purse?! I did raise an eyebrow (internally, because I can't actually physically do the eyebrow thing) at the FIRST POP snap installation. Really? Aren't those things scary? Or are they like zips? All bark, no bite?