Monday, September 19, 2011

Fairy party day.

Some practise twirling in our Tinkerbell fairy dress while we waited for the party guests to arrive.

The cake.
Chocolate ripple cake with pink fairy sprinkles and mini bunting on top.

Bunting idea courtesy of Pinterest.
Man there's some cute stuff on there, wish I'd looked earlier.

We had a lovely day. The kids were happy to play in the garden mostly while us Mums caught up. The fairies talked to the calves, let the chooks out, had a treasure hunt and party food and took home a noodle box with sweets and home made coconut ice.


  1. It all looks very lovely, love the miniature bunting.
    Hope Miss Muff fairy had a great day.

  2. Happy birthday for your little girl!

  3. Nothing Nicer than a Fairy Princess Party ...Love the Little Bunting on the Cake...Too Cute.

  4. Love a chocolate ripple cake, and that mini bunting is such a cute idea.

  5. How cute! I hope the fairies had a lovely time

  6. She is truly a fairy!! What a pretty picture.
    I am glad to hear you all enjoyed the party.

  7. Fairy parties are the best!
    Loving the kitchen, but probably onnly half as much as you are!

  8. Cute little Tinkerbell, and sounds like a wonderful party for Miss Muff! Good stuff! 8-)