Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Renovation progress.

Yes, we are still going.
I'm ready for it to be finished!
I feel like I'm living in one of those TV renovation shows.

Dining room "before".
Curtains tied up with cooking twine..... thats all I could find.....nearly resorted to hay bale twine.

Butler's pantry "before".

We are up to the floor stage. We are having timber look (medium oak) vinyl strip flooring laid in the dining area, kitchen and "butler's pantry". We are coving polished boards in the dining area, the boards in the other rooms were not in good enough condition to polish and we didn't want to lay new boards, so we have gone with the vinyl. I'm not a fan of floor tiles in such a big area plus whatever you drop breaks! In the display homes we went through last weekend they all seemed to be using this flooring. Its easy to clean and very hard wearing...just what I need. It should be a little warmer than polished boards too.

They laid the masonite today.
The actual vinyl goes down on Friday.
In the mean time it all looks like this.....


  1. Julie , we have been thinking of new flooring for at least 5 yrs - your renos are so inspiring...

  2. Looking awesome Julie, you'll love the vinyl. We had it in our last place and I wish we had gone the same way here and not used tiles..!! I hate them now..

  3. It's all good progress Julie - we've had vinyl in our kitchen for over 20 years - it's lasted really well.

  4. Hang in there - everyday is a day closer to the end.
    It looks great - you'll love it!

  5. It's looking good. Tiles are cold also.

  6. Almost there! I'm interested to read about your flooring, we are redoing ours at some stage and I was thinking of doing something similar. Can't wait to see how it looks! x

  7. WWWoooww can´t wait to see it finished!!! You are probably getting tired by now, but just keep thinking about the beatiful place you will have afterwards.
    take care!!!

  8. Your renovation are coming a long great you will be please when it is all finished.