Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Production line.

I have had the most productive sewing day I've had for ages. Orders are coming thick and fast along with invitations to hand made markets and expos. I thought I'd better get cracking and make some stock.

I tweeted this morning that I'd cut out 30 dresses. It sounds impressive but they don't really look like much yet. Here they are on the production line ie. bed in sewing room. There's actually about 40 here.

Left to right.
Pile one- cut out dresses, seams and hems done.
Pile two - Maree's seven dresses she ordered.
Pile three - shirred dresses waiting to be matched to bindings.

On Saturday we also caught up with Bianca and her four kids. Its nice to have her within driving distance but I must say the girl is a bad influence in the fabric department so we will see how that goes.

On our way home we took the kids up Mitiamo Rock.
Here's a photo from the top looking out to where we live.

A tree growing up through the rocks.

This paddock of canola and old dead gum trees caught my eye on the way home too.


  1. Great production line you've got going there..
    I stopped this morning on the way back from Geelong to take some shots of the impressive looking Canola, got myself all sorted, out the car, tripod attached.....no card in the camera!! It was still sat in the drive from 6am this morning when I loaded yesterdays shots on the computer and my second card died last week...!! Not happy Jan.. :o)

  2. Very busy production line indeed - great work.
    Hope you had a nice catch up with Bianca :)

  3. Like your production line. Canola is so eye catching.

  4. The goddess of frocks you are my dear. I'll be keeping my eye on you two naughty little fabric wenches....keep me in the buying loop! :o)

  5. Golly gosh - you are busy! One half of my brain wants to get cracking with some sewing but the other half is telling me I am too tired right now...