Monday, August 22, 2011

Max's big adventure.

What's cuter than a seven week old puppy?


A tuckered out seven week old puppy asleep on a three year old's lap!

A friend of ours has brought his new puppy Max and 9 month old Ruby out to the farm for a play yesterday.
Now the kids want a puppy.
He's extremely cute.

In other news, I haven't been on the computer much over the last few days. I did manage to photograph more clothes for my Madeit shop, hopefully I'll get them loaded tonight. The beautiful weather has been keeping me outside, gardening, tidying up and doing a spot of painting. I've got a local market coming up soon and I decided to paint my tressle table white. I thought that might look OK in case its breezy and I don't want to bother with a blow away table cloth.

It's also book week this week.
Costumes for both the teacher and the student almost done.
Not to miss out, Little Miss is going as a fairy for the parade.
Ruby and Miss Muff heading back to the house.


  1. nope, not much cuter than that! a puppy and little girl..... plain cuteness!

  2. Is that what they call puppy love?
    Goodluck with the market!