Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitchen finishing touches.

A few people have asked for final kitchen pictures. We are NEARLY there. The tiling was done two weeks ago but I need the electrician to put in three power points and some spotlights, the plumber to re-connect the gas and I have to get the paint brush out again on the timber fiddly bits.

Lets just say its "blog finished". Like when you make a quilt top but its not actually a completed quilt yet, "blog finished".


  1. Beautiful Julie..we're in the process of bld & picking a new Kitchen..I Love the Process.
    Love Your Pantry Idea..Great use of Space.
    Have Fun!

  2. Great kitchen!!! It looks beautiful.

  3. Nice kitchen! Great colour! I love white. I'm going to quilt "the Poststamp Quilt", you can soon read about it and see the pictures of it on my blog. Love from Margreet

  4. Your kitchen looks must be thrilled!

  5. It looks lovely I have serious oven envy.