Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garage sale finds.

One of our neighbours advertised a garage sale this week and on the list were sewing items, so I was there bright and early. I came away with a $5 box of 30 or so sewing patterns. They are mainly children's sizes and there are lots of little girl's dress patterns so I was pretty happy with that. There were also some new zips and other useful odd and ends in the bottom of the box.

I also snapped up this little ironing board for $5 for Miss Muff. We just need to paint it and make a nice little cover for it. She spied a toy iron the other day which I bought for her so this will go nicely. All she wants now is her own sewing machine so she can be like Mummy. The brain washing continues, I'll make a quilter out of her yet, you watch!


  1. Great finds and good luck with the quilter, I failed dismally with Gemma.

  2. Nice stuff at great prices!!!!
    Miss Muff is already a quilter, she is just waking up but wait ans see!! Your floor looks very nice!

  3. That's the best kind of brain washing! What a perfect mother/daughter activity.