Saturday, August 6, 2011

Exploring Bendigo.

Mr Eight went on a school excursion this week to Bendigo and has nagged us all week to go back to the Discovery Centre. Having nothing on today we thought why not! Its an interactive science centre in the old rail buildings at the Bendigo station.

He was most taken with the planetarium and the vertical slide. The planetarium was quite good, quite geared at children, Miss Muff had to hold my hand all the way through the session as the planets loomed above on the domed roof while we lay on the floor.

The vertical slide was rather scary looking. Mr eight tells me he went on it three times the other day but today he almost chickened out. You can see the side view of the slide above. Its quite high and very vertical!!! Funny that.

Yes, thats Mr Eight, my baby boy, dangling at the top of the slide.
You let go on the count of three.

You fall for a bit then sort of skim the slide and skid through to the end on your back.

I didn't have a go. The sign said if you had a sore back it wasn't advisable. That was good enough for me! Miss Three was terribly upset that you had to be five or over to go on it. She kept telling us she wasn't afraid of heights.

There were lots of other interesting displays and some fun optical illusions, mirrors etc.
Look how skinny I am after my recent weight loss program

After the Discovery Centre we did some shopping then headed over to Rosalind park for a play and to climb the Poppet Head lookout. Discovered I suffer from slight vertigo.

It was a beautiful sunny day for a stroll around. Not many flowers out yet. Just some daffodils and jonquils but they have it all prepared for Spring, must go back for another visit. Its really nice to have such lovely places to visit not far from home. I hope everyone else had a lovely Saturday.


  1. I love Bendigo, such amazing architecture. Right around the corner so we should go more often too..

  2. Am trying to convince my tribe (read husband) that a weekend in Bendigo would be great (so i can pop into the White Wedding display at the Art Gallery before it finishes in November). Thanks for some kid friendly ideas/ammunition.