Friday, July 1, 2011


Not the most enjoyable of weeks here at Narioka. A one week delay in our kitchen installation, husband with a sore back, children unwell, etc etc. I've been hanging out for the holidays to start just so we can sleep in and catch up a bit.

So tonight instead of collapsing on the couch I decided to start a quilt. As you do. I think I'm delirious, but it felt good to do something creative. I cracked open a Sherbert Pips layer cake and I've started a simple boys, cot quilt for the shop. I've picked out the red, grey and blue boyish blocks and am just doing a simple brick pattern. I couldn't bring myself to cut up the puppies and scooters too small.

On the kitchen front, there's not much change. We had the electrical work and plumbing done but are still waiting on plaster. The kitchen itself, is two weeks away. At least the delay has given me another week to stress about tile colour and flooring. I think we'll get the kitchen in then make our final decision.

Some fun in the driveway last weekend. See, little sisters can be useful.


  1. Love the quilt Julie, the fabrics are gawjus!!
    I don't envy you with your kitchen all bare like that ... I bet you can't wait til it's done. Don't worry, when it's all fabulous you'll forget all about the long days without it (well, hopefully you will ;o) ).
    Oh and that's a great pic of the kids, they look like they're having such fun :o)!!
    Have a t'riffic weekend,
    Joy ;o)

  2. Bummer about the delay and other pooey things but YAY about the boy quilt. Looks lovely already.
    Have fun Ms Delirious.

  3. Told you about the breathing didn't I? In the same situation this weekend, holes in walls and the glass door coming out today, fingers crossed the rain holds off for another day!! Love the quilt..