Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Fabric Spotlighting not the other spotlighting but you already knew that didn't you.

These fabrics were on the bargain table so I got a little of each for some one off dresses for the shop. They aren't all colours I would normally use but I do get requests for brights and large prints so I thought I'd have a play with some.

Also on the list today was fabric to make seven Tinkerbell skirts for the junior dance class. So two bags of tule and shiny and sparkly stuff later I think I have enough.

A brief public service announcement too. It appears Spotlight Shepparton no longer has bathroom facilities available to the public.

A girlfriend and I travelled an hour to the store today with two three year olds who of course wanted to go to the loo as soon as we got in the shop only to find a closed sign on the door. The shop assistant told me I would have to drive down the road to Bunnings/BBQ's Galore etc to find the closest ones. I must have shot her a pretty good "look" as I said "have you had children?" because she reluctantly led me in to the staff toilets to use. Apparently they have vandalism issues. Hard to believe Spotlight customers would vandalise an in-store toilet but there you go.


  1. Perhaps they think it's the three year olds...!! Or perhaps they just haven't realised yet how upset their shoppers can become when the said three year olds have to be taken to Bunnings......Bunnings of all places!!!

  2. Well Bunnings and Spotlight a re my two favourite big stores but it's a bit tough to have to leave and move along because they have had a few rude visitors. Certainly your average Spotty customer wouldn't even think that way. Your story so reminds me of my youngest when she was little. It didn't matter which clothe shop we ventured into she always had to go to the loo. In the end she decided for herself that she was allergic to cloth. I simply decided to take her to the loo BEFORE i went to any cloth shops. Cherrie

  3. Considering the average customer of Spotlight often has children..or no longer has a youthful pelvic floor..you'd think that they would still provide toilet facilities, vandalism or not! (nice purchases by the way! Especially like the white with flowers in circles)

  4. Well, there you go. A friend of mine had a little that needed to go when she was at spotty here, the staff said no, but she could squat out the back behind the skip! She certainly did not. Maybe our store does not have a loo, maybe the staff squat behind the skip too. They have a majority of female staff & female customers, you would think it would be more mum and little people friendly. That's my say :)

  5. Our Spotlight store has toilets but doesnt let the customers use them anymore, declaring the ones that are a 10 minute walk away to be useful for the public. Whatever happened to customer service!

  6. Hey, there are some pretty tough Grandma's in Shep (ours is one of them). You know they get a bit crazy if their favourite wool or embroidery thread has been discontinued. I imagine they scoot into the public toilets (with their death metal music blaring and their posse in pursuit) and let loose.

    Good grief! You would think letting littlies and oldies have access to a tolet would be an important thing.

  7. They haven't worked out that mum's with kids will spend more if the kids don't drag them out of the shop! Der...I love that blue and white print you got, I p[icked up a metre last week too!

  8. Same happened in our Spotlight shop in Wollongong. Your little Tinkerbells are going to look so cute.