Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sherbert Pips quilt on Madeit.

I've dealt with everything happening this week by sitting and sewing.
This little boys cot quilt is now in my shop.

On my things to do list has been a quilt from the Sherbert Pips range.
The pre-cuts have been staring at me from the shelf for too long.

From a layer cake I picked out all the prints suitable for boys. I just cut the pieces in half and laid them in a brick pattern, cutting some in half again for smaller side pieces. It came together quite quickly. A home day today has meant I had it quilted and bound in no time. I used a red micro spot for the backing and a blue gingham for the binding. I wish this range was around eight years ago. Nice boy things are hard to find.

Now what to do with the left over pink squares..........