Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen update.

The whole kitchen renovation took a break over the weekend. There was a steady stream of visitors, six house guests etc for the wedding and not a baked cookie or meal to be had.

This morning the plasterers arrived to plug up all the holes and gaps, sorry, I don't know the technical term for that. There was a hold up on getting the cornice but its arrived today so its about to go up and then they have to sand/smooth everything off tomorrow. That gives us Wednesday to do the painting and at this stage the kitchen itself should arrive Thursday, fingers crossed.

Walking outside to do dishes in this weather is wearing thin. I'm washing them in the laundry, which is part of the house, but it comes directly off the back verandah which means braving the cold. Only a couple of more days I keep telling myself. In the meantime I've decided to throw some things in the clothes dryer each time I do the dishes for momentary warmth.


  1. I remember my last kitchen reno well. 24 days washing up in the laundry. I don't think I'll ever forget! Fingers crossed for cornice on Wed and kitchen on Thur!

  2. I'm loving being a fly on the wall in your kitchen reno. Also love your clothes drying while washing up strategy - very smart!

  3. Reno are look good. You could not do th.e dishers her out side you would get blown away.