Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I think I've mentioned we have a family wedding this weekend. The kids are dying to see all their cousins. As with occasions like this, the question is "what to wear". I have the men folk organised. I thought Little Miss Three could wear a nice pinny over a long sleeved top, tights and her shiny black shoes.
Do you think I could find a nice Pinny?
No, in the midst of this freezing cold snap the shops in their wisdom are starting to get their Summer stock in. My SIL in Melbourne is keeping an eye out for me.

Then I decided I should really make her something,
I do sew after all,
I have a sewing blog after all,
I have cupboards full of fabric and patterns after all.

The result so far is this little red velvet number with embroidered flowers. Made from a pattern Mum used for me in the 70's. The fabric is scraps off the Allanah Hill cutting room floor (can't reveal my sources there) . The green binding across the bodice hides a join because I didn't have enough fabric for the length. The back of it is the same colour but in red cord.

What are your thoughts?

It looks OKish. I'm stressing about putting in the zip. She may have to wear a cardi to hide that pending disaster. Little Miss Three likes it because she wants to be flower girl again. I said she won't be able to be flower girl this time but she at least has a dress with flowers on it. She's pretty happy about that. I think I'm slightly worried she's going to stand out in the crowd, I'm pretty sure the other cousins will all be in Country Road and the like! We live on a country road, thats about as close as we get to it.

Now for fashion drama No.2
What on earth am I going to wear?
Well today after bribing the children that they could get Maccas fries if they were good while we traipsed through numerous women's clothing stores in Echuca and I came up with this.

Yes its very summery, I have a couple of options there, cardi, jacket, coat etc. Fashion parade time tonight to see if I have the shoes etc to go with it. I think what sold me on the dress was the shirring on the back!!! Love it. It sits really nice around the middle which is rare but I have been putting some effort into that region and I think its paid off.

Ps. The kids got their fries.


  1. Love them both, much rather have them than country road..!

  2. Love the dress, Julie. Only Country Road here is outlet bargains from Melbourne for Mummy. The kids wear their clothes for such a short time - it's hardly worth it. Little Three's dress is classic, stunning and feminine. I know I'd have to visit a friend to get the zip put in!!! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Muff will look a treat, love your creation. Your dress is gorgeous!!!
    Look forward to seeing some pics from the big day xx

  4. I love miss 3's dress and don't stress about the zip they are not that hard. When kids grow like weeds Country Road is not worth it. You will also look fab in your new dress.

  5. Fabric from Alannah Hill? I tell you, I am pea green. The pinny you've made looks lovely.

  6. loooooooooooooooove both! love the fabric you've used, so beautiful! now you can tell people you made it. yes my girls will be in country road but it doesn't look as fancy as that dress!


  7. Oh stunning red dress Jules !!! When are we going to catch up next? I so need a cuppa and a chat !! Do you want to get away from the renno's one day soon? Come over for a break, I have a proposition for you (intrigued????) ........